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Bringing Back The Dream 2024

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Bringing Back The American Dream

Putting America First

Adam Hougland is an American businessman from Olathe, Kansas.  

His family has history, deeply rooted in Civil Rights and Immigration movements, and he looks to continue that tradition by championing a new American Civil Rights movement.  

Adam will bring about the greatest changes in criminal justice reform, immigration reform, tax reform, and trade reform that our country has ever seen.  

Adam Hougland, born in 1984 in Sioux Falls, has two children, Samantha (5), and Xavier (2).   

Raised in America's heartland, believer in Jesus, and educated at The University of Kansas, he will bring a common sense approach to his America First agenda.    

Some of Hougland's family were Iowan soy bean farmers for over 100 years, and he understands the important impact that farmers have on our nations security and economy.  On his fathers side, there are farmers, abolitionists, judges, and state representatives who have all paved the way to better their communities.  Hougland's great Grandfather IV knew our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, and worked for two years as a carpenter for Lincoln, remodeling his Springfield, Illinois home.

Adam has spent a lifetime serving his community and has put an emphasis on finding a way to end homelessness in Kansas City.  He recognizes that America needs a President who can unite the country under a common good.  We can no longer allow the Biden Administration to continue to destroy the American Dream.  America deserves better.  We must take action, now!

Adam Hougland is running as a Republican for the office of the President of the United States of America, 2024.

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